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 12/06/08 - Whew, finally an update to the website.  Finished moving from my old hosting service to google apps (and so far I love it).  

We moved to Tucson, AZ a few years ago, due to an illness in the family.  I have been working at DMetrix  on developing a high speed digital microscope for the past few years.  But now we are looking to move again as I try to pursue a job in the video game industry.

04/18/05 - I presented a poster on the camera system I developed for the USGS and placed 3rd out of 50 posters. You can see the abstract, poster, and a high res poster if you want. In other news everyone in our family is sick (yuck), what fun it is.

04/02/05 - I added a new photo album with pictures from my work at the USGS. Mostly its photos from my CIR digital camera project and some sad photos of me in a helicopter. Lets just say that the air force won't be calling any time soon.

03/11/05 - It's a Girl! Her name is Corianna Jane Tucker and she weighs 7 pounds 3 ounces. We had her at 4:03 pm on March 9th. And I am the happiest father in the world. Aidan has already adjusted to her nicely and loves to play with her hair. He is already trying to convince her that Star Wars is the best movie ever. Anyway, enough of the babbling, lets get on to the pictures:

Just born, and she is a looker!

A family moment
You can find more pictures here.




02/12/05 - Welcome to our new web site (yippee), this is a place for us to put up our latest projects and share news about our family with friends. I uploaded a nice set of photos to the albums page and hope to remain good about keeping up with things. In other news, I turn 30 on wednesday (ugh) and Megan is set to have a new baby any day now.